Thursday, March 27, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

We made a fort that was only for girls so it was therefore a fortress. Inside the fort we did face paint and watched a movie and ate lots of food that was all packaged in green! These are my silly friends embracing the insanity that was this fortress!

Happy Easter!

I got lots of yummy easter candy. Oh and i died my hair, it's not very different, just a little oranger (is "oranger" a word? probably not).

When i woke up on Easter morning is was greeted with snow. This picture was taken from my fire escape.

Friday, March 21, 2008


In the Grotto while it is raining outside (if you look closely you can see the temple of Apollo in the background)
Me and Ethan reenacting the scene from Pride and Prejudice between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy
There were wild daffodils all over the gardens that were breathtaking


Monday, March 10, 2008

Rollerblades = Love

Yes i purchased rollerblades, and they are spectacular! They were only 12 pounds which is basically one meal here, so totally justified right? So far Ive only gotten one chance to go out blading and it was dark, hence the headlamp, it was a grand time until some police told us we were going to be mugged. So we slowly made our way back home. The most exciting part about the purchase is that there is an easter egg hunt specifically for rollerbladers in Regents park which i fully intend on being apart of. These rollerblades aren't like any other; you have to wear three pairs of socks to make them fit, the buckles don't quite get tight enough ever, the wheels are so slick that they slip out from under you when you move, and they leave behind a friendly bruise on your shins just so you can't forget about them when you aren't wearing them. All of these may appear as faults, but the truth is that i love them just like the little ugly duckling that they are (except when i stub my toe on them in the middle of the night and want to swear). I hope my sister Emily is proud of me, she is my inspiration while rollerblading:). (Aubs look I still have those spandex you gave me, they go to a lot of good use)