Sunday, February 24, 2008

The wind of my soul

If you know me well, you know that my element is wind. While in Scotland we ventured to climb Arthur's Seat, a craggy, mossy hill that overlooks all of Edinburgh where Orson Pratt used to hike to find solace and commune with the Lord during his mission there. Anyways Hilary, Megan and I climbed this hill and it was quite possibly the windiest place i have ever been in my life. If you jumped in the air the wind was so strong that it could move you a couple of feet. The ground was covered in moss and grass that was think enough to serve as a matress for our dangerous adventure, that way when we fell it was a cushy landing. Oh and the hour or so that it took us to climb the hill was the only time the sun was out the whole time we were in Edinburgh. We thought we were taking a picture but this movie gives you an idea of the strength of the wind.


Hilary said...

Some people like foamy bubbles.

Other people like silky satin.

And little fuzzy puppies are pretty cute and soft.

But if I could be surrounded by ANYTHING, it would be that cushy mossy good stuff on Arthur's Seat. Yes please.

I'm so glad I experienced it with my beautiful Abigail. Love you girl.

Hilary said...

PS - Check out our hairlines! That's enlightening...

Nicole said...

Abbie, how I wish I there with you. It looks and sounds like you're having the greatest adventures.

Pops said...

Blow wind Blow! Glad you didn't end up in the Firth of Forth! Missin you.

Anonymous said...

my element has to be fire - and when Captain Planet brings all of his forces together we cannot possibly be stopped ... anyways keep having a great time wherever u go

angie said...

I'm still laughing from Ben's comment!

Wind is my scariest element (I think) - I don't think I could have looked so beautiful as I was about to be blown away!

Your posts inspire me to quickly learn more about these places - what richness.

hannah m said...

Abbie, Angie just left a comment on my blog post about a windy day at the beach with our baby (poor baby, she didn't like the wind so much) and referenced your blog post about wind.

Oh, my goodness, I love the idea that the wind could move you if you jumped in the air, but that the mossy grass serves as a matress to catch a fall-- quite a perfect little relationship between 2 elements, earth and air, up there at Arthur's Seat.

Hope you're having so much fun in London. Have a ploughman's sandwich for me.

*hannah (angie's childhood friend from the neighborhood)

Josh said...

It sounds amazing, gather up all those wonderful memories in rich detail, and come back soon. Born and unborn are missing our snap!

catherine said...

You know in those cartoons where the dogs mouth is all flabby and tossled as the wind blows it waaaay open? Did you try that?
Keep having fun my own, "Child of the Wind."