Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today after i spent two hours in art class at the Victoria and Albert Museum I got to hang out with Antonio Banderas and his wife, Melanie Griffith! When i say hang out i really mean stand close and look at the same art and pretend like we were friends. But really he was about 2 feet away from me admiring the same Buddha statue! It was strange i couldn't stop second guessing that they were who they are because no one else seemed to care. I was so excited and I made Ethan go get his autograph for me, while i hid behind a wall. After he left we all had the jitters, it was almost the same emotion you get after your first kiss.


Anonymous said...

No frickin' way man. Your are likely totally so lucky.

Luv ya & Happy Valentines Day


angie said...

star struck over antonio - isn't he like sixty now?!

kristen said... boots! More than the fact that you were in close proximity to Antonio, I love that you hid behind a wall and made a 10 year old do your dirty work. I always knew you were a smart one. :)

p.s. i saw the most fantastical photo of you on your mom's blog. good jumping amigo.

catherine said...

Holy Crap!
Here I am looking forward to pictures of ancient castles, amazing gardens, or even the face of my longed for special daughter, and what do I get? A stinkin scribble I can't even read. I think I"m toooooooo old to get excited about semi stars or even stars, unless they are in the sky.
but it's always fun to get your comments.
your grumpy sounding mother
I think it's supposed to sound like'I'm teasing a little.

Abbie said...

silly marm, look down one post...

kristen said...

and since when does Zorro dot his i's with hearts?

Anonymous said...

Hey ABS,
Did you make it through the earthquake alright? Let us know

Abbie said...

Alive and well!

angie said...

um, earthquake?

and please show us scotland!