Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Best Friend in London

This is Ethan. He is my best friend in London. We play all the time and we have a handshake. I call him Eggers and he calls me Beagle (like abigail pronounced incorrectly). He will never be as good as my darling nephews but he is a fill in while Im across the ocean. Honestly I think Ive just been used to having kids there when I come home so it is comforting to have Ethan as a smiling face when I walk in the door. There is a playground in Kensington gardens and you can't get in to without a child and it has an awesome nautical theme, so Ethan and I are planning to go play. I am missing the loves of my life James and Chase, if anyone sees them give them a kiss for me.


My heavens the markets here are to die for! yesterday we went to the Borough Street Market and I met a nice man who told me all about his life and gave me some apple-beet juice. The foods and smells and people were so overwhelming. I feel like I'm constantly walking in silence just desperately trying drink in everything i see. There were the most magnificent truffles, fresh pastas, mulled wine (which smelled divine), sausages, cheeses, pastries, oh and the most shocking thing was seeing the hanging peasants and rabbits. This morning Hilary and I went to Portobello Rd and it was the same thing but topped off with antiques and clothing. My latest adventure is trying to find a locket, i don't know why but i really really want one. Anyways, those are my ramblings for the day. I hope all is well at home, im so glad angie is safe and sound. Oh and did i tell you i got the watch? it is ridiculously perfect, thank you a million mom.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

I journeyed southward for a day and had a spectacular time. First we went to Canterbury cathedral (where above my friends and i are reenacting the martyrdom of Thomas A. Becket), there was so much rich history that my brain went on overload, which seems to be a common occurrence while Im in London. We road a bus out to Beachy Head and got to run and play and be excited all over the white cliffs. I then proceeded to turn myself and two other girls into chalk warriors, you know, just to get closer to the land. We stopped in Rye, quite possibly the most quaint town i have ever witnessed. We walked all over the cobblestone streets then i tried to climb this castle (stupid American). Well anyhoo, the entire day was an adventure to say the least, I love this country and it was a dream to get to travel through the countryside with the sun shining through the clouds.

Monday, January 14, 2008

On the street where i live

This is Palace Court. Yes, i live here. Yes, Beckham and Jude Law live down the street. Everytime i step out my door i can't help but take a deep breath in of the wet, fresh air. I live about one minute away from Kensington gardens and a Ive started a daily routine of running through the park. I feel like I have all of London at my fingertips. The hardest part is deciding how to manage my time and do what when. Any advice? Overall i feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The gigantic bags under my eyes in this picture along with the happy smile pretty much explain my adjustment to London so far. I am adoring wandering around this enchanting city; while simulatneously feeling like im going to collapse at any second becuase ive only had 7 hours of sleep since monday...and its thursday. So in this picture im standing next to the Thames in some icy wind. My favorite activity so far was

walking around Kensington Gardens and just soaking in my surroundings. It still feels like im in a dream, i wonder when reality will hit?