Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Best Friend in London

This is Ethan. He is my best friend in London. We play all the time and we have a handshake. I call him Eggers and he calls me Beagle (like abigail pronounced incorrectly). He will never be as good as my darling nephews but he is a fill in while Im across the ocean. Honestly I think Ive just been used to having kids there when I come home so it is comforting to have Ethan as a smiling face when I walk in the door. There is a playground in Kensington gardens and you can't get in to without a child and it has an awesome nautical theme, so Ethan and I are planning to go play. I am missing the loves of my life James and Chase, if anyone sees them give them a kiss for me.


catherine said...

How old is ethan?
I miss you.


catherine said...

you look happy!
That makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Its kind of strange in a not funny sort of way that you are posting pictures of young boys without leaving any descrition at all about how you met or know him??? But whatever ... Missing you tons

Roy said...

Ethan looks mischievious....good fit for you. Love your photo's and your comments. Please send some of the smells home! I talked to someone on Thursday who talked to E Alex on for details.

angie said...

you know you just posted this picture because you look so dang cute!

Carly said...

abbie i think it is a good move to stick with the little boys. that way you won't find a replacement for me OR alex. i like it. stick with that. work it, if you will.

angie said...

i can't wait to see paris

Hilary said...


"I know things that nobody knows."

"I have soft skin, not with all those pores."

"Last night I fell down and I couldn't get up."

"Do you want to see how a fat person walks?"

"Everyone loves me. Everyone loves my hair."

Josh said...

Human mothers can be quite aggressive when you take their young, and when I say aggressive I mean they will yell and cry at the same time (with a possibility of homicide). My advise is to put him back where you found him and try to wash your scent from him. PS good thing there are no guns in england :)