Sunday, February 24, 2008

The wind of my soul

If you know me well, you know that my element is wind. While in Scotland we ventured to climb Arthur's Seat, a craggy, mossy hill that overlooks all of Edinburgh where Orson Pratt used to hike to find solace and commune with the Lord during his mission there. Anyways Hilary, Megan and I climbed this hill and it was quite possibly the windiest place i have ever been in my life. If you jumped in the air the wind was so strong that it could move you a couple of feet. The ground was covered in moss and grass that was think enough to serve as a matress for our dangerous adventure, that way when we fell it was a cushy landing. Oh and the hour or so that it took us to climb the hill was the only time the sun was out the whole time we were in Edinburgh. We thought we were taking a picture but this movie gives you an idea of the strength of the wind.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today after i spent two hours in art class at the Victoria and Albert Museum I got to hang out with Antonio Banderas and his wife, Melanie Griffith! When i say hang out i really mean stand close and look at the same art and pretend like we were friends. But really he was about 2 feet away from me admiring the same Buddha statue! It was strange i couldn't stop second guessing that they were who they are because no one else seemed to care. I was so excited and I made Ethan go get his autograph for me, while i hid behind a wall. After he left we all had the jitters, it was almost the same emotion you get after your first kiss.

Stoke Poges

Yesterday was a dream. There are hardly words worthy to describe this experience. I walked along this pond and suddenly I became a heroine in a Jane Austen novel. I fell in love with this place and as hilary put it "it hurts so good to love so hard". Believe you me i love this place...hard. I feel like i have found the place that my heart has always gone to when i feel the purest joy. There were woods and gardens to play in and a church with a graveyard (the one Thomas Gray wrote all about) and the snow drops have started to bloom letting all of London know that spring is coming. (these gorgeous pictures were taken by my darling love Hailey)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hampstead Heath

Every once and a while i get a little sick of all the cement that comes with living in the city and Ive started to find some quaint get aways that help me breath deeply again. I went on an adventure to Hampstead Heath (basically a mini-forest) and tromped around in the mud for a couple hours and my soul felt renewed. My friend had to do a conceptual art project based off of Andy Goldsworthy's work, so we helped to make this design out of leaves. I love having a project when Im playing in the woods; whether its making a fort, building a dam, searching for treasures, or creating art. I adore London!

Musee d'Orsay

I just arrived home from a week in Paris! If you were wondering it is just as amazing as Anastasia makes it seem. I'm in a drawing class and i have to sketch for at least 6 hours each week and im learning to fall in love with art. I seem to become easily overwhelmed when I am walking through museums and it is so difficult to grasp your mind around everything that you are seeing, but somehow when you are sketching you can limit down your attention to such minute aspects of the art, that you can become more apart of it and create a relationship with each piece that you choose to sketch. I got to go to all the major sites but my very favorite was the Orsay. All of Degas' pastels were so moving i practically lived in the museum. But my favorite piece was definitely this wooden sculpture by Georges Lacombe. To me this is safety and peace and love all wrapped up in a moment. The artist actually did a series of these two figures and ends it with her covering him when he dies. Ohh! i just love love love it.